Why Us?

Here at LED EXPO Australia we offer a wide range of LED Lighting Products. Our extensive knowledge will help you to choose the most efficient solution when it comes to purchasing the right products. We prioritise wholesale orders and provide special pricing for our members.

Who is this eligible?

You may be eligible for a wholesale account with us if you are: 

A Professional Electrician

A Business Owner

A Builder 

A DIY Renovator

Someone who works closely with LED Products

*Note: As a business owner/ manager of your company you must provide us with an ABN to be eligible for a wholesale account at LED EXPO Australia. 

Our Discount System

We offer a minimum of 10% discount on wholesale orders. 

You might be eligible for a further discount depending on the product and the quantity you are ordering (usually discussed with the Warehouse Manager).

Once you set up an account with us, all the pricing will change to the wholesale prices. 

What to do next?

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Wait for an approval from the Management.
  3. Once you are a part of wholesale database, you will get a notification email from us.
  4. When you log in as a wholesale customer our prices will automatically update. 

For further enquiries contact us via email: info@led-expo.com.au 

Please note: We need to verify your ABN before confirming your registration as a wholesale customer.