Wireless Remote Single-Zone RGBW Controller(T4+P4)

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Transform your lighting setup with our Wireless Remote Single-Zone RGBW Controller (T4+P4). This advanced controller allows you to effortlessly adjust the colours and brightness of your RGBW LED lights from anywhere using the wireless remote. Create captivating lighting displays, set the mood, or enjoy dynamic colour-changing effects with ease. The T4+P4 design offers seamless connectivity and convenience for your lighting needs. Upgrade your lighting system with our Wireless Remote Single-Zone RGBW Controller (T4+P4) and experience the power of customisable LED lighting. Shop now at LED Shop Australia for high-quality and versatile LED lighting solutions.

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  • Simple operation, standard 86 style socket, easy to install and disassemble
  • Works for dimming, colour temperature, RGB/RGBW control
  • RGB/RGBW panel controller with 10 built-in changing modes
  • 4096 grey scales per channel, led lamp is more rich and vivid without flash


 P4  RGBW  Panel

 Input Voltage  DC12V-24V
 Load Current  4A×4CH Max 16A
 Grey Scale Level  4096×4
 Max Output Power  192W/384W(12V/24V)
 Working Temperature  -20°C~55°C
 Dimensions  L86×W86×H36(mm)
 Weight(N.W)  190g


 Wireless RemoteT4)

 Working Voltage  3V(CR2032)
 Working Frequency  433.92MHz
 Remote Distance  40m-50m
 Working Temp  -20-55℃
 Dimensions  L106×W56×H9(mm)
 Weight(N.W.)  40g


2 Year Warranty

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 112 × 54 × 13 mm

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