Constant Voltage RGBW Controller(T4+R4)

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Enhance your RGBW LED lighting control with our Constant Voltage RGBW Controller (T4+R4). This advanced controller allows you to effortlessly adjust the colours and brightness of your RGBW LED lights with precision. Create captivating lighting displays, set the mood, or enjoy dynamic colour-changing effects with ease. The T4+R4 design offers seamless connectivity and flexibility for your lighting setup. Upgrade your lighting system with our Constant Voltage RGBW Controller (T4+R4) and experience the power of customisable LED lighting. Shop now at LED Expo Australia for high-quality and versatile LED lighting solutions.

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  • Automatically adapts to LED light which works from DC12V-24V.
  • The receiver can implement features such as dimming, RGB/RGBW and colour temperature control
  • Using RF remote control, the wireless signal is with strong penetrating power, no limited to direction or obstacles, and can control the multi function of ON/OFF, pause, change mode, brightness and speed, etc.
  • 10 strobe & fade change mode, with 4096 grey scales per channel, led lamp is more rich and vivid without flash.



 Wireless RemoteT4)

 Working Voltage  3V(CR2032)
 Working Frequency  433.92MHz
 Remote Distance  40m-50m
 Working Temp  -20-55℃
 Dimensions  L106×W56×H9(mm)
 Weight(N.W.)  40g




 Compatible Remote  T1/T2/T3/T4/T5
 Working Voltage  DC12V-DC24V
 Output Current  Max 5A×4CH
 Output Power  Max 240W(12V)/480W(24V)
 Working Temp  -30℃-55℃
 Dimensions  L176×W46×H30(mm)
 Weight(N.W.)  110g
2 Year Warranty 

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 112 × 54 × 13 mm

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