DMX512 DIN Signal Amplifier

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Boost your DMX lighting signals with our DMX512 DIN Signal Amplifier. Designed to extend the reach and strength of your DMX signals, this amplifier ensures that your lighting setup operates flawlessly even in large venues or installations. It’s an essential tool for lighting professionals, event planners, and anyone looking to maintain consistent and reliable lighting control. Improve the performance of your DMX lighting system with the DMX512 DIN Signal Amplifier, available now at LED Expo Australia.

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  • A 12VDC/24VDC LED driver is required
  • Optical isolation between the input and output port.
  • Input and output standard DMX512 signal.
  • Amplify the DMX512/1990 signal and extend signal transmission distance.
  • One input channel, two independent electrical isolation signal output channels
  • 3000VDC, isolation voltage 3000VDC.
  • Wrong wiring protection at DMX input and output port.
  • The DIN rail style

Warranty 2 years

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 Input voltage


 Input signal


 Output signal


 Input/output channel

 One input channel,two output channels

 Input/output isolated voltage


 DMX512 signal socket


 Product Dimension





Additional Information

Weight 0.107 kg
Dimensions 111 × 46 × 66 mm

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